Watercolor Art Society - Houston Online classes Sept - Nov 2023 (1)

Online classes at Watercolor Art Society – Houston

Painting Challenge: World Bee Day

May 20 is World Bee Day.  Three out of four crops across the globe depend on bees and other pollinators.   Not only do bees contribute directly to food security, they are key to conserving biodiversity. To recognize the importance of bees, we will paint bees this week! Painting challenge:  World Bee Day Include the hashtag…
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Painting Challenge: Ravens

Let’s paint ravens!  Here are some interesting facts about ravens: they are highly intelligent, have problem-solving skills, capable of using tools (they can use sticks, stones to help them obtain food or access hard-to-reach places.)  They are social birds, often form tight-knit family groups, and are known to engage in playful behavior. Painting challenge:  Ravens…
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Painting Challenge: Urban Sketchers Week 2024

May 1 – 7 is International Urban Sketchers Week, a global celebration of on-location drawing! For this week’s challenge, let’s participate in this global event.   Share a painting done on location (indoors or out), not from photos or memory.  Capture what you see from direct observation. Painting challenge:  Urban Sketch Include the hashtag #uskweek2024 in…
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Painting Challenge: Tiny Art

Pull out your magnifying glasses, polish your bifocals, and get ready for the tiniest and the mightiest of all the challenges! Paint TINY ART! Painting challenge:  Tiny Art  Include the hashtag #TinyArt2024 in your Watercolor – Beginners and Beyond Facebook group post. Deadline May 3, 2024 , 11:59 pm ET     Here are the details:…
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Painting Challenge: Paris

Bonjour!  For this week’s challenge, let’s paint scenes of Paris. Painting challenge:  Paris Include the hashtag #Paris in your Watercolor – Beginners and Beyond Facebook group post. Deadline April 26, 2024 , 11:59 pm ET     Here are the details: Paint any landmark or scene in Paris Sponsored by Vladislav Yeliseyev Entries must be posted…
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Painting Challenge: Continuous Line Portrait

Challenge yourself to create a portrait using ink and watercolor.   Ink:  make one continuous line for the portrait.  Then limit yourself to touching the paper with a paintbrush less than 4 times with color.   Yes 4 times only!   This won’t take long.  I did one in 3-1/2 minutes. Painting challenge:  Continuous Line Portrait Include the…
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