Artists helping Artists

Artists Helping Artists

January 31, 2023:  This campaign is closed and emails being sent out to the matches.   Over 400 people responded with a fairly equal amount of those who can share, and those who need.  THANKS to all for being so generous.  We will do this again in the future. This is a KINDNESS Initiative to help…


Twelve Days of Christmas featuring Duck

One of our talented (and clever) members, Suzanne Watson (The Sketching Doctor) has created another fun adventure with Duck. The Twelve Days of Christmas… For prints of the Twelve Days, you may order through The Sketching Doctor, or Redbubble. Christmas cards of the Twelve Days can be ordered through Redbubble (or from The Sketching Doctor…

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Travel the world virtually

I discovered an amazing thing today.   HeyGo. HeyGo is a platform where you can attend virtual live tours all over the world. Free.   (Of course, you may tip the tour guide if you can.  The guide gets most of the tip, and a portion goes to HeyGo so they can continue to provide this platform.)…

May 2019

Encouragement for Beginners

Some encouragement for beginners. Watercolor is complex.  It is a delicate dance between water and pigment.   It cannot be learned overnight.  You cannot fast-forward skills.  It is something you have to go through with time. Learning to paint is like learning a musical instrument.  You cannot start playing Bach’s Prelude in C immediately. It.  Takes.  Practice.    It…


YInMn Blue – would you like a chance to win a tube?

Another 2-year celebration giveaway for one random winner: 5 ml tube of YInMn Blue (made by QoR Watercolor) Why is this so special? Thought you’d never ask…   . .     It is the first new inorganic blue in over 200 years!    This color was created in the Oregon State University lab by…

Watercolor Foundations Essential Techniques

Watercolor Foundations Class

If you’ve ever wanted to attend an online watercolor class, here’s your opportunity!  Jason Michael Bentley is teaching Watercolor Foundations for Watercolor Art Society – Houston.   One random winner will get to attend this class! . For details on the class: Watercolor Art Society – Houston, Watercolor Foundations class. Classes will be recorded for replay.…


Two year celebration!

. To celebrate the group’s TWO YEAR anniversary, we’re going to have a special giveaway. How to enter the drawing? Make a post in the Facebook group: Watercolor – Beginners and Beyond Share one thing you’ve learned in this group (a tip, technique, or some encouraging advice) Include a favorite painting that you have done…


Monday Motivation – Focus on your brand of magic!

Monday motivation — Art is not a sport.  Don’t compare your art to others.  Keep going, and do YOUR thing!  For more inspiration, click here.   If you need encouragement, click here.  And follow the instructions.  🙂 And if you just need to see a cute cat, here you go.      

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Need inspiration? Learn from Van Gogh.

Learning to paint is a process.   Comparing yourself to others won’t speed up that process. Keep practicing.   Keep experimenting.  Paint for the sake of painting and learning, not for recognition from others.   Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.  ~ Van Gogh       Paint for you.  And keep…


Strive for greater heights!

I have seen many posts lately about “what will sell.”   Edvard Munch had the right attitude.  Experiment.  Develop your skills.   Strive for greater  heights.