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Need inspiration? Learn from Van Gogh.

Learning to paint is a process.   Comparing yourself to others won’t speed up that process. Keep practicing.   Keep experimenting.  Paint for the sake of painting and learning, not for recognition from others.   Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.  ~ Van Gogh       Paint for you.  And keep…


Strive for greater heights!

I have seen many posts lately about “what will sell.”   Edvard Munch had the right attitude.  Experiment.  Develop your skills.   Strive for greater  heights.  

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Keep practicing!

When you’re learning, it can be frustrating. Don’t give up.   Even the masters struggled, but they kept going.   Keep practicing… and you will be surprised what you can accomplish! Don’t see paintings you’ve done as disappointments or failures.   It’s part of the journey.   You are taking the steps to get you where you want…


Be fearless!

Don’t allow fear of failure, fear of wasting paper, or fear of making mistakes keep you from painting. Slap some paint on your paper and create!    Of course, Mr. Turner said it more eloquently than me.  

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Need encouragement?

For anyone who questions their artistic abilities, feels intimidated or discouraged…  Do this.        Go to a mirror. Look directly in your eyes and say “I AM AN ARTIST.”  Say it like you mean it.  Say it several times if you have to. Grab that brush, slap some paint on paper, and make art! …