Need encouragement?

For anyone who questions their artistic abilities, feels intimidated or discouraged…  Do this.   



        1. Go to a mirror.
        2. Look directly in your eyes and say “I AM AN ARTIST.”  Say it like you mean it.  Say it several times if you have to.
        3. Grab that brush, slap some paint on paper, and make art!   Trace an outline if you want, doesn’t matter if you don’t sketch it yourself.  Just paint!
        4. Don’t compare to others.  Do your thing!  Just paint!  Learn!
        5. Have fun!



Encouraging advice and tips from your artist friends in the group.

Diann Zimmerman:   Treat yourself like you would your best friend.   If your best friend painted the last painting you did, what would you say to them?  You’d likely be encouraging and look for the positive aspects of the painting.  So why not be as supportive to yourself?

Ritchie Robertovich Hutton: Be kind to yourself!  You will make mistakes and you’ll keep making them as you learn. You know you’re improving when you know how to fix them ? Art is subjective anyway, paint what makes you happy, what you see and in your way, and avoid comparing with others! Only you can be the best at being you!

Ginnie Mize:  Practice as often as possible and learn from your mistakes.  Don’t get discouraged – painting should be joyful!  Save all your work, even those that did not turn out as expected.  Look at them 2 months from now and compare to your current work to see your progress.

Teresa McKenney Light: Don’t be shy because the best way to learn is by sharing and asking questions. Give the weekly challenges a try! They are fun and will allow you to step outside your comfort zone and possibly learn a new technique. Lastly, have fun and enjoy this beautiful journey.

Pamela Beane:  Don’t compare your skills with others as this will discourage you from taking the risk to explore your potential.

Kristen Sharpe:  If you mess up, it’s okay!

Christine Neagle Braun:  Don’t spend too much time “sharpening the ax” and never get to “chopping down the tree.” In other words, don’t get stuck on things like getting the perfect supplies or finding the ideal project and never get to painting. Just dive in and start creating.

Amanda Meekis:  As long as you keep painting, you are making progress!

Nerissa Panganiban:  My tip for beginners: you are unique, your hands are unique, how you see the world is unique. Don’t expect to be able to make something exactly like a tutorial you’re following.

Ros Grossman:  Learn from other artists, but be your own artist.  You are unique so therefore your work will be.

Karen Kiernan:  Paint something that brings you joy!  Remember it’s just paper, so don’t stress, just let go and enjoy what the paint can do!

Cathy Dillman:  Don’t give up.  It’s harder to run when you haven’t learned how to walk.  Keep practicing and do it to enjoy the process.

For more advice, see all the comments in this Facebook post.

I laughed when I painted this. I wasn’t discouraged. I knew I needed to keep going and keep practicing.


I don’t have natural artistic talent.

I didn’t start painting until I was 59.

What I lack in talent, I make up for in persistence.   I practice… almost every day.

Pick up that brush and paint!  Stay inspired!

And treat yourself like you would your best friend.

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