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Water Media Art Supplies

Here are some painting examples using the various products:  Water Media Playtime workshop – July 2022 Here are some of the popular items from my Water Media Playtime class, where folks can come and try out all kinds of art goodies! Liquid acrylic, inks, and liquid watercolor:     Watercolor – super granulating:    …


Do you speak the language of color?

Do you speak the language of color?   When you go to the grocery market, do you read the labels for ingredients?   I do.   And it’s no surprise that I read the labels on watercolor paints. If you’ve always wanted to know how to interpret the pigment labels, here is an informative article by Etchr:  The…

Exploring the Mountains

YInMn Blue

There has been a lot of excitement going around about YInMn Blue. Why is this so special? It is the first new inorganic blue in over 200 years!  Since this is a new color, supply is limited.   And it’s expensive.  It is about 6 times more expensive than Cobalt because one of its components, Indium,…


Let’s meet some interesting colors

Phthalo Green, Quinacridone Gold, Orange, and Indigo are the perfect guests to enliven your next painting party! Phthalo Green needs no introduction. The moment he shows up on your paper, you know he’s there. He is a bit arrogant. He is noisy. He is that loud, but intriguing next-door neighbor. He wants all the attention.…


Our friend the color chart!

Creating a color chart is an easy way to become a better artist. If you could do one thing that would make you a better artist, would you do it? Of course you would! It’s too late to study under Monet, and most of us can’t afford to practice en plein air painting in Tuscany.…


Your watercolor palette – What colors do I need?

If you ask 100 artists what colors you should have in your palette, you will get 103 different responses.  (Three of those artists will change their minds and swap a color at the last second!)  Walk into any artists’ supply store and you will be confronted by an endless aisle hosting a mind-boggling mass of…