YInMn Blue

There has been a lot of excitement going around about YInMn Blue.

Comparison: QoR and Schmincke

Why is this so special?

It is the first new inorganic blue in over 200 years!  Since this is a new color, supply is limited.   And it’s expensive.  It is about 6 times more expensive than Cobalt because one of its components, Indium, is a rare earth element.

Per Wikipedia…    “YInMn Blue is chemically stable, does not fade, and is non-toxic.  It is more durable than ultramarine blue and Prussian blue, and safer than cobalt.”

Per Diann.   “it’s pretty!”     Yes, I’m so technical.  🙂

Quarter pans are so cute!

If you’d like a chance to win a quarter pan of QoR YInMn blue, there are two ways to enter.  

You can post either in the Facebook Group or Instagram, or post in both.

  1. Post a painting that has a lot of blue in our Facebook Group, add the hashtag #I_love_blue 
  2. Follow us on Instagram.  Then post a painting that has a lot of blue on your Instagram account and add @watercolorbeginnersandbeyond to your post.

On Tuesday, October 12 around 10 pm ET, we will randomly select 3 winners from Facebook and 3 winners from Instagram.

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