Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools


SketchBox Kit – Diann’s favorite art goodies

Collaboration with SketchBox! I’m excited to share that SketchBox partnered with me to create a kit of some of my favorite art goodies. This kit includes things you may not have but are so much fun — and useful! Art Graf Water soluble pencils Pilot Parallel water-soluble ink pen with extra wide nib Water brush…

Zimmerman-Watermedia Playtime - image

Water Media Art Supplies

Here are some painting examples using the various products:  Water Media Playtime workshop – July 2022 Here are some of the popular items from my Water Media Playtime class, where folks can come and try out all kinds of art goodies! Liquid acrylic, inks, and liquid watercolor:     Watercolor – super granulating:    …


The perfect pencil… it’s really perfect!

I stumbled across this Faber Castell Perfect Pencil.   With a name like PERFECT PENCIL, I had to give it a try. Why I love it: B lead, great for sketching before painting lead is soft enough so that it doesn’t scratch watercolor paper, but not so soft that it smudges cap protects the lead and…