Amazon gift items under US $20

Looking for gift items for your art friends?

Here are some of my favorite art goodies.  And they’re not too expensive, all under US$ 20.  (at the time of this posting)


These little tools work great to make very fine lines using ink, liquid watercolor, or even masking fluid.  Some masking fluid may be too think to use in this tool.  Dr. Ph. Martin’s Frisket Liquid (level 2) works great!  I can make very thin lines.


These sparkly pens  write so smoothly.  Great to add some sparkle to art!


This set is perfect for painting on the go!   It has 6 colors, and room for you to add 6 more.   And QoR paints are so vivid!


Another set by QoR… iridescent and reflective!  And room to add 6 more colors.


Rosa Gallery, made in Ukraine, are artist grade, and so beautiful!  


These colors are so beautiful… muted colors, richly pigmented.


For those who like some shiny sparkle.  I certainly love sparkly things! 

This is designed as a hermit crab food dish….. but is is GREAT for a tiny palette.  It’s ceramic… and so cute!


This is a piece of art in itself!   A color cube.  Look at it from different angles and you see color mixing of the 3 primaries! 


I use this to hold brushes, pencils, and pens.  It’s handy to have everything in one container.


An inexpensive watercolor journal.  It’s not cotton, but it works really well for doing line and wash, sketches, etc.


These bottles are great to use for inks, fluid acrylics, or liquid watercolor.  The applicator tips are various sizes to make fine to bold lines.  Will work for masking fluid too.


This brush set is really good, especially for the price!


This medical tape is so GREAT, doesn’t damage paper, makes crisp clean lines, and removes easily.  It’s the best tape I have used, and I have used many brands.


Want to try non-absorbent paper?  This is so different to use…  frustrating one minute, then WOW, what a beautiful texture it creates!  It’s like painting on glass.  


These dot pens are so much fun!   Creates a circle dot of acrylic paint.  Fun to embellish your paintings with some colorful opaque dots! 


This is a great sketchbook, made from bamboo.   Handles water really well!  And cheaper than cotton paper.  


Here is a brush holder that rolls up.  I use it for watercolor pencils too.


Here is a brush holder for your expensive brushes.  It really protects the bristles.   


100% cotton paper.  This brand is great to paint on.  It handles water well, and it is a block, so it won’t warp when you paint.


Another 100% cotton pad, 9 x 12 “, 12 sheets.


This is a little more than US$ 20, but it is for 50 sheets of 100% cotton paper!


These are great for line and wash.  The ink is permanent and will not smear.


I use this ink ALL the time to do dark backgrounds.  Dries matte, smooth consistency.   It’s the perfect thing to use for black backgrounds!


This ink is fantastic… will not smear when dry.  No matter how much water you pour on it.  It won’t move!   Use it with dip pens, cartridge pens, paint brush, or even a stick.


Here is a dip ben set with several nibs.  Great to use for inks, fluid acrylic, or liquid watercolor.


These pens are so much fun to keep with your sketchbook.  Sketch a line drawing, use a damp brush to activate the ink (smear it).  You can do an entire monochrome painting with this pen and a water brush or damp brush.


Waterbrush.  I keep one of these in my purse at all times with a water soluble ink pen so I can sketch wherever I go.

These water soluble pencils are great!  Just sketch, smooth with a water brush or damp brush… create light, mid and dark values!   AND, you can use the empty tin container to hold pans of watercolor.


I use these to set up palettes for some of my favorite YouTube/Patreon artists.   Makes it easy when I do their tutorials to have their colors all together in a palette.


These palettes are great.  They are tiny, hold about a quarter pan.  Great for traveling.  


I use this for gouache to keep it from drying out.   I put gouache in it over 5 months ago, and it is still moist.  And i love that it fits inside a collapsible water container!  

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