How do I match a color that I see in a photo?

Have you ever tried to mix a color from a reference photo and did not have any idea what colors to combine?

Try the Golden Paints color mixer tool. It is designed for acrylic, but pigment is pigment. It works well for watercolor.

The tool is easy to use:

1) Import a photo
2) Move your cursor to the desired area
3) The tool will display the pigment mix (i.e. 3 parts ultramarine blue, 2 parts cad yellow light)

You will have to estimate the proportions when you mix, but it will send you in the right color direction.

My suggestion is to not use white if it calls for white. Adding white will make the paint mixture opaque and you’ll lose the magical transparent quality of watercolor. If it suggests adding white, just dilute with more water.

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