Encouragement for Beginners

Some encouragement for beginners.

Watercolor is complex. 

It is a delicate dance between water and pigment.   It cannot be learned overnight.  You cannot fast-forward skills.  It is something you have to go through with time.

Learning to paint is like learning a musical instrument.  You cannot start playing Bach’s Prelude in C immediately.

It.  Takes.  Practice.   

It takes learning techniques, like playing scales.  It requires patience, repetition, doing something over, and over… and over.  It requires determination.

I encourage you to practice.

Quantity will result in quality.  

Have patience with yourself.  When you paint something, look at it as if your best friend painted it.  Find something encouraging to say about it.  Look for the good.  It’s simple… Treat yourself like you would your best friend.

Do something right now.   Go to a mirror, look at yourself and say outloud, “I am an artist.”    Say it like you mean it.   Say it several times, louder each time.

Now go paint.  And enjoy the journey. 🙂



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