Getting Started

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FREE ebooks, classes, and open source photos

There are many free watercolor and art resources available.  I compiled a list that may be helpful. Free eBooks 12 Watercolor Hacks that Every Artist Should Know by David J. Rogers   (He’s a sponsor of WBB, check out his online classes too!) Cezanne in the Studio:  Still Life in Watercolor  American Drawings and Watercolors in…


Economical watercolor paper

I have discovered inexpensive paper that works really well!   It has 25% cotton, but acts like it has more.   I did several washes of color on this simple painting, and it handled it without pilling, or degrading the paper.  I’m impressed!   #ad For more info on paper… Texture and weight – Choosing the best…


Where to find eBooks about painting

‘Print is dead.’ — Dr. Egon Spengler, 1984 Books are heavy.  They require a lot of space to store them.  Sometimes I misplace them.   The book I need is always the one I can’t find! The solution?  eBooks  Kindle Unlimited — Kindle has a huge number of digital books about watercolor, including both instructional books…


Resources for beginners

Once you gather your supplies…. What do I need to learn first? Where do I begin? There are many resources available, such as online tutorials and classes, books, art supply websites, and in-person classes. For a free 7-day trial of my Patreon courses:  Diann Zimmerman – Patreon. Online Training Many artists have online classes and…


Supplies for Beginners

It can be overwhelming. What paints? What brushes? What paper? My advice is to keep it simple: • A handful of paint colors • A couple brushes • The best quality paper you can afford If you do not want to take the time to read each article, here is an easy shopping list, everything…