Where to find eBooks about painting

‘Print is dead.’ — Dr. Egon Spengler, 1984

Books are heavy.  They require a lot of space to store them.  Sometimes I misplace them.   The book I need is always the one I can’t find!

The solution?  eBooks 

Kindle Unlimited — Kindle has a huge number of digital books about watercolor, including both instructional books and collections of paintings. In the Kindle app, just search for watercolor, watercolour, gouache, drawing, etc.  eBooks can also be downloaded to the Kindle app for reading offline.   For a small monthly subscription fee, I can have access to 10 books at a time.

For more info on Kindle Unlimited,  https://amzn.to/392Szls

Here are the titles currently in my Kindle Unlimited library:

  • Still Life in Watercolor by Alejandra Viscarra
  • Color Wheel Guide by Debra J. Tillman
  • Watercolour Demonstrations by Milind Mulick
  • Drawing for Beginners by Kate Berry
  • Gouache Landscape Step-by-Step Technique by Sirbalo Publishing
  • Watercolor Sketching for Beginners by Jim Green
  • Quick & Clever Watercolour Pencils by Charles Evans
  • Aspiring to Paint like Van Gogh by Joey Derse
  • Look at That! Discover the Joy of Seeing by Sketching by Bobbie Herron
  • Watercolor: One Person’s Teachings on Watercolor painting and Becoming an Artist by Ted Keller

As I finish reading one, I exchange for another.   This is a very economical way to have access to many, many books!  (They also have other books besides art, like COOKBOOKS!  Who loves to cook?  I do!)

#ad   As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Libby — All over the world, local libraries offer millions of eBooks and audiobooks.  You can borrow them — for free, instantly — with a library card and Libby.   The Libby app allows you to check out digital books and audiobooks.  It’s completely free, and you can even use the app to obtain a library card! The selection may be limited, and you have to “return” the book before it is overdue. But at least you can browse the shelves without fear of being shushed by the librarian.

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