10% Discount: Jackman’s Art Supply

I have recently discovered  Jackman’s Art Materials and love their paint!

Here are paintings I did using the cool and warm primaries set.

The paints are highly pigmented, dreamy, blend so well.  And they are cadmium-free.

Jackman’s Art Materials has offered a discount code of 10% for their entire catalogue. 

  • To look at all of Jackman’s products, click here.  For 10% off your first order, use discount code WBB10.
  • They ship internationally.
  • They have so many products:
    • Watercolor paint, including amazing sets created in collaboration with Michele Webber
    • Acrylic paint
    • Inks
    • Brushes
    • Paint making supplies

They recently launched pigment crystals (similar to Brusho), and they are awesome!   All I did was sprinkle just a few granules on dry paper, then misted with a water sprayer.  They blended, moved, so pretty!

I also bought the Michele Webber Shadow watercolour set, beautifully muted colors, perfect for shadows!

  • Skin ShadowAdjustable blush/shadow for any skin tone. This colour is the perfect balance between pink and brown. To cool it add blue, to warm it add yellow and to make it pinker add rose. The depth can be adjusted with more or less water.
  • Wet SandNatural brown for beaches, paths and more. Highly adjustable, and natural, never looks too warm or too cool but can be adjusted with yellows for warmth or blues to make it greyer.
  • Autumn FoliageDeep warm amber, fantastic for all sorts of Autumn scenes, can be made transparent or deep depending on the amount of water used.
  • Winter BarkDarkest cool brown, add water for a useful deep neutral that sits midway between black and brown. It is great for trees, and watered down can also make bleached fences and driftwood.
  • Petal ShadowMichele’s signature shadow colour for botanicals, this soft lilac-leaning grey will make beautiful shadows on white petals and never go green when added to yellow flowers; of course it works on pinks and purples too.
  • Summer CloudsMuted warm blue for cloud shadows and skies. The soft blue-grey of English clouds, the hint of lilac means it is never too cold, even when painting winter scenes.
  • Storm CloudsA stormy purple-grey for more dramatic skies and stormy conditions, it’s good for seas too when the weather calls for it.
  • Forest ShadowRich warm green, for landscapes and more. This green is on the yellow-grey end of the spectrum but is never dull. It will give strong, deep forest colours and is also useful for undergrowth too.
  • Davy’s Grey: Popular green-based grey for plant shadows and more. Davy’s grey is traditionally slightly opaque and is good for shadows on flowers, where you want a delicate, green-leaning grey. However it’s also good for things like concrete and stone too.
  • Payne’s GreyStrong dark blue-based grey, hugely versatile. This can be used for shadows on white buildings, any ‘black’ where you don’t want dead colour including man-made objects like lamp-posts and benches as well as natural items like black birds, rocks and more.

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