Sponsor Appreciation

Let’s take a moment to thank all the sponsors we’ve had this year.   

They have given so much to this group:  online classes, free demos, art supplies, and encouragement.

And thanks to everyone who uses our affiliate links.  

We have had a painting challenge, with a prize, every week in 2020, 2021, and every week in 2022— and a few extra challenges (World Watercolor Month, Inktober).

Our generous sponsors and our group members who use our affiliate links help to make this happen.

We do not exclude any countries.  Winners are all over the world.  We have mailed prizes to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Egypt, India, Philippines, Dubai, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, Peru, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Madagascar, and many other countries.

When thinking about where to get supplies, or who to take online courses from, please consider our Sponsors:


Art supplies:

When shopping online, please consider using our affiliate links:  

Using these links helps to pay for challenge prizes and postage:

As an Amazon Associate, The Artist Life Affiliate,  Jackson’s Art Affiliate, and Jackman’s Art Materials Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.




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