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When I first started painting, I was so envious of those who could draw.   I couldn’t draw.  I believed a person had to have natural-born talent to draw.

I was wrong.   Yes, I admit being wrong!  🙂

Practice + determination + instruction builds drawing skills.  I cannot make you practice.   I cannot give you determination.   Those are up to you to.

What I can do is share some beginner drawing resources, and provide some encouragement.

I prefer books over videos:

  • I don’t have to hit pause.
  • I feel like I can go as slow as I need.
  • Watching videos puts pressure on me to keep up.  Books are patient.
  • Books work when the internet is down.

This was one of my early sketches.

I have learned a lot since then.  I was determined (still am!) and I practice a lot.

This book is very popular in our Facebook group:  Drawing – Beginners and Beyond   This is on my list since I’ve seen so many people in the group improve their skills.


If you like photorealism, this book is great!  I’ve done several from this book.




Here’s another great book on photorealism.  I did the Christmas bell and had prints made for my Holiday cards last year.




This is a fantastic drawing book!




This book has been around for a long time.   And there’s a reason.  It is very good!  One of the exercises has you draw a portrait looking at a drawing upside down.  Then your brain doesn’t interfere with telling you what something should look like.   It really works!




There are many, many more.  I have most of these on my Kindle app.  It’s very convenient.  I can have a lot of books without a lot of weight!

Get out your pencils… and draw!  🙂










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