Do you want to trade/sell watercolor supplies?

Today is the one-year anniversary of the group:  Watercolor Supplies Swap/Trade led by Kristen Beltz.

If you’d like to buy half-pans of paint, dot-cards, try a different brand, or if you have some you’d like to trade or sell… check out this group.  

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Kristen over the last couple years, and we’ve done several trades between us!   Her half-pans are so perfect, while mine are messy.  But that’s me.  🙂

Here is how this group began.

Kristen Beltz:  “This group was born out of an unfulfilled need.  I was struggling to get all the supplies I needed due to financial constraints.  I heard the same from others.  I did a few trades with others, all successful, and so I decided there needed to be a forum so others could participate.  I created the group on August 28, 2020.  

Trading is economical.  One 15 ml tube will fill 4-6 half-pans.  You can keep 2 for yourself, and trade the others for colors you want.  

Members trade other items as well, gently used palettes, pre-poured palettes, brushes.  

The trading policy is simple:  both parties decide on a fair trade.   Members post their experience with photos in the group.  Here’s an example of a happy member.”

To join the group:  Watercolor Supplies Swap/Trade.


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