How to use the Elegant Writer calligraphy pen

This pen is so much fun to use!   And simple.

Sketch an outline.   Use damp brush to smear the ink.   Dab with tissue to lift some color and it will leave a pinkish hue.

And that’s it.   See, I told you it was simple to use.

Here is a simple sketch I did .   Watch the video to see how easy it is to take that simple sketch into something so unique and pretty!

I did this video at the Denver airport.  I didn’t have a tissue or paper towel, so I used my tshirt to dab the ink.   And yes, it stained my shirt.  But that’s what artists do.  They improvise, and use what they’ve got.  🙂





Here’s another one I did of my Grandmother’s house (built around 1870):

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