Made my own palette configuration

Why I created my own palette configuration:

  • I like a large well for my paint to make it easier to use a large brush.
  • I like the well to be slanted so I can mix up a bunch of paint and have it easy to sop up with a brush.
  • I like separate mixing areas.  I don’t like my vegetables to touch on my dinner plate, and I don’t like my paint mixtures to touch.  🙂

I couldn’t find one palette on the market that gave me all the things I like.  Trust me, I have tried MANY!   So I created a custom one just for me.

I glued shelf liner on the back of the divided dishes and soap dishes so they would be easier to stack, and wouldn’t slide around on the table.

I put the divided dishes on the lid of a plastic container.  I put an empty half-pan to elevate the paint end of the dish.  Makes it easy to mix up a bunch of paint when it’s slanted.


Lid so my cat won’t get into the paint.

Ceramic soap dishes make perfect mixing palettes!

I put an empty half pan under to make each dish slanted.









Links below.   You can get the plastic container and shelf liner at a discount store.   I included the links so you would know what I used.




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