Watercolor postcards for beginners!


Learn to paint simple and HAPPY postcards! 

If you can write the letter “U”, draw a simple boomerang, and scribble a “blob”, you can paint these happy postcards!

We had an online zoom class today with some members of the Facebook group.  It was great to meet them!  It’s fun to paint with others.  🙂

If you’d like to watch the replay, here is the video:


Upside down “U” for the flower center, and scribbled blobs for each petal.


Don’t worry if the colors bleed and blend. That’s what they want to do. Let them do it!


“U’s” for the vases and scribbly “U’s” for the tulips. Slap some paint, and you’ve got happy art!


Upside down “U” for center, then scribbly “blobs” for each petal. Then I added some dots on the center to give some texture and form. Fun and quick!


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