Tubes or pans?

Tubes for frequently-used colors, pans for select colors. As far as quality goes, there is no difference between tubes and pans. A pan is just tube paint that has been poured into a little plastic mold and allowed to dry. Tubes are usually cheaper than pans in the long run. You can buy empty pans…


Artist grade or student grade?

Artist grade is excellent but expensive. Student grade is good, budget-friendly alternative. When I started watercolor painting, I was using student grade Koi paints, and loved them. I had a few Winsor & Newton Cotman tubes, too. But as I learned more advanced techniques, I wanted to upgrade to artist grade paints. For example, layering…


What brand of artist grade paint is best?

Asking What brand of paint is best? is like asking What kind of bear is best? It all depends on the artist, and what we are trying to accomplish. Most artists use more than one brand. Here are my impressions of some artist grade brands: QoR – Vivid, very bold. A little goes a long…


Paints on a budget – Seven money-saving tips for buying paints

Easy ways to save money on paints. Let’s face it: paints are expensive. Most of us can’t afford to buy every color that we want in an artist grade brand. But here are some easy ways to stretch your paint budget. 1. Use the lower cost artist grade brands. Good news: there are some artist…


Your watercolor palette – What colors do I need?

If you ask 100 artists what colors you should have in your palette, you will get 103 different responses.  (Three of those artists will change their minds and swap a color at the last second!)  Walk into any artists’ supply store and you will be confronted by an endless aisle hosting a mind-boggling mass of…